“Charlie Jade” Primer

If you’ve heard all about Charlie Jade, but aren’t sure where to get started, these are the stepping stones you want to start on.

First, watch the original series trailer:

There are two different introduction episodes you can listen to.

The first one is a roundtable discussion with podcast co-hosts Richard Porter, Kevin Bachelder and Summer Brooks:

And the second one is from The Signal podcast, and is read by Kevin Bachelder:

Next, you can listen to two different interviews with series co-creator Robert Wertheimer:

And the final interview with Robert can be heard here:

Unfortunately, the series is not on Region 1 DVD as of yet, but the complete series DVD box set is available from Amazon UK, and can frequently be found on sale; from across the pond to your mailbox for under $40 including shipping.

Watch the first five episodes, then watch them again to see the clues you didn’t pick up on the first time around.

Some of the commentary tracks contain spoilers for future episodes and plot points, so be aware of that as you go through the series.

Subscribe to the podcast, watch the episodes then the episodic trailers, listen to the commentaries, then listen to the discussions.

One half-hour from now, you’ll be drawn in.

And if at any point in time, you’ve got questions to ask, feel free to contact Summer, Richard and Kevin using the website contact form, or ask your questions at the Charlie Jade forum that’s a part of farpointforums.com, a fan-run forum dedicated to FarPoint Media shows.