“Charlie Jade” now on Netflix Streaming

Charlie Jade is currently available for viewing on Netflix (streaming only)!


During a murder investigation, an enormous explosion at a top-secret facility hurls cynical private eye Charlie Jade into a strange parallel world — where he’s soon reluctantly embroiled in a conflict involving three universes.

According to, the series is listed as “available” from Oct 17, 2011 until Oct 15, 2013

Netflix URL: Charlie Jade (2005)

Thanks again to Kevin Bachelder for the heads-up!


“Charlie Jade” now on Hulu

Good news for folks living in the US who have heard us talk about Charlie Jade over the years, but never got a chance to see the entire series because it was pulled from the Scifi/Syfy schedule after just a few episodes.

Charlie Jade is now available on Hulu!

Show synopsis on Hulu:

Charlie Jade is a character-oriented, live-action, sci-fi television series. The series is created by Robert Wertheimer (Gemini winning series producer of Due South And Robocop: the Series) and Christopher Roland, produced by Fred Fuchs (The Godfather III, Bram Stokers Dracula, The Rainmaker, Virgin Suicides) and written by best-selling novelist Robert J Sawyer (winner of the 1995 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Americas Nebula Award for Best Novel).

From the comments, it looks like it’s been available for about 2-3 weeks or so, and as usual, streaming visitors from outside the US are blocked.

There is a Charlie Jade DVD set available at Amazon UK, scouted out and approved by Kevin Bachelder of Tuning Into Scifi Television (also a co-host here for Charlie Jade Verse).

Check out the show, come back here and check out Robert Wertheimer’s creator commentaries and particularly Richard’s episode synopses, and enjoy once more a little scifi noir that was underappreciated in it’s time.

shout out for Kevin for finding out about the show being on Hulu while he was attending Dragon*Con!


“Charlie Jade” Airing Again On Syfy Channel

Syfy Channel is once again airing Charlie Jade!

You may have to set your DVRs, unless you’re working nights… it comes on Fridays at 5am Eastern, 2am Pacific.

The first episode, “The Big Bang”, airs Friday, March 18, 5am E/2am P.

“Sand” is scheduled to air on Friday, March 25, and “You Are here” is scheduled for Friday, April 1, so it looks like they’ll be airing the entire series in order.

The sad news is that Syfy Channel appears to have done away with their Charlie Jade show page, even though they still have show pages for a couple other programs they only air now and then, like Moonlight


FM Le Sieur Scores Syfy’s “Being Human”

FM Le Sieur, the man behind the wonderfully atmospheric music of Charlie Jade, is composing music on new scifi series.

Syfy Channel’s adaptation of Being Human airs on Mondays, and you can hear FM’s work once more.

Link: FM Le Sieur
Link: Syfy Renews Being Human for Second Season


Charlie Jade: Modern Classic

SciFiNow Magazine Issue 46 features Charlie Jade as Show #16 on their “Modern Classics” list:

Being one of those odd shows that has surfaced, submerged and risen again in popularity since its original airing, Charlie Jade has won itself a dedicated audience among science fiction fans. With the show well and truly over, SciFiNow digs into its production and explains why it’s a true modern classic

The main reasons James gives for why Charlie Jade is a modern scifi classic are:
1. Complexity
2. 01 Boxer
3. Cape Town
4. Style
5. Enduring Appeal

I don’t think any CJ fan can argue with those!

The current issue is on newsstands now in the UK, and should appear on shelves in Barnes & Noble’s and Borders Bookstores near you within a couple of weeks.


Original Charlie Jade Website Back Online

Remember the original Official Charlie Jade website?

The content has moved around a couple of times since the show originally aired, but it’s found a new home again, right here, where it will be cared for and well looked after!

Everything is there: the official character guides, the episode guide that was being updated as each episode aired, the original video trailers (the same one that’s available here), and some of the background information on the story of Charlie Jade.

You can find the new old site here:


01 Boxer Fan Videos

While exploring YouTube, I came across some videos made made by Charlie Jade fans who have a deep appreciation for 01 Boxer, and some of them are quite good.

This fan video uses a song by a band called Porno Graffitti, but I have no idea what the song title is.


The Signal: “Charlie Jade” DVD Giveaway

Over at The Signal, thanks to one of their listeners, they’re holding a giveaway for a copy of the Charlie Jade UK DVD set.

Head on over, listen to the latest episode (Season 5, Ep 18), read the show notes for the entry rules, follow the instructions, and good luck!


More Charlie Jade Airings

According to the schedule listings at, there will be a mini-marathon of 8 Charlie Jade episodes, airing on Monday, September 28, 2009 running from 8am through 4pm Eastern.

The episodes airing are:
Thicker Than Water
Choosing Sides
Through A Mirror Darkly
The Enemy of My Enemy
Things Unseen
The Shortening of the Way


Charlie Jade Podcast #06: A Conversation with Robert Wertheimer

Yes, this is the final episode of the Charlie Jade Podcast.

Summer, Richard and Kevin have an entertaining, enlightening, and interestingly long chat with Charlie Jade creator Robert Wertheimer about the creation and development of the show over the course of several years, the pros and cons of international co-productions, and creating a TV show off the cuff, and on the fly.

We also talk about the Men in the Grey Suits, their overall plan for the universes that was sidetracked by the efforts of Charlie and 01 Boxer, and how that led into some interesting plans for a Season 2 that would turn everything we saw and learned in Season 1 on its ear.

After that, the conversation runs from production challenges, to the needs and expectations of scifi shows, to unlikely but not impossible returns to the universe of Charlie Jade, and much more.

Also, people interested in a Region 1 DVD release of Charlie Jade should contact Jacques Pettigrew at Cinegroupe in Montreal, either via email, fax or phone. Feel free to tell him that Robert asked you to call!

If the website behaves oddly, try this link instead. And while you’re sending Jacques a note about the Region 1 DVD, don’t forget to ask him to please include the episodic commentaries that are already done and ready to go!

Also, send FM Le Sieur some love and appreciation for the music that has created such a unique and evocative atmosphere in Charlie Jade.

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Charlie Jade Commentary SE05: Season 2 Blueprint


Presenting the blueprint for the proposed Season 2 of Charlie Jade:

An Insider’s Guide To Alternative Realities
Season Two
Episodes 21 – 34

This is the Season 2 overview document that Robert mentions in the last podcast interview.


Charlie Jade Podcast #05: Discussing the Final Five Episodes

Summer, Richard and Kevin discuss and analyze the developments and the concluding story arc of the series, episodes 16-20.

This closing chapter of the story opens with Charlie learning to shift between verses, leading him to discover the true meaning of his visions and his ability, and to learn how his destiny is tied to the fate of the three worlds, and perhaps more.

Episodes covered in this show:

The Shortening of the Way: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Spin: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Bedtime Story: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Flesh: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Ouroboros: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap

Promo: The Babylon Podcast

News, Podcast

Another Intro to “Charlie Jade”

Kevin Bachelder also works on The Signal Podcast, a fine show about Firefly and Serenity that every Firefly fan and Browncoat should be listening to.

On the latest episode of The Signal, the Broadwaves segment is an overview of Charlie Jade, written by Jill Arroway and read by Kevin Bachelder.

The Signal Crew has graciously let us post that Broadwaves segment here for the Charlie Jade fans to enjoy.


Get Your “Charlie Jade” Questions Answered

Get Your Charlie Jade Questions Answered by Show Creator
Robert Wertheimer

Charlie Jade co-creator Robert Wertheimer will be joining Kevin,
Summer and Richard for a very special edition of the Charlie Jade fan discussion podcast later this month.

This is a rare opportunity for you to get your Charlie Jade questions answered by Robert so please share any questions you may have about this outstanding scifi series.

You can submit your questions/comments via the website contact form:

You can also post any questions or comments on the discussion forums for our podcast which are located here:


Charlie Jade Podcast #04: Discussing Episodes 11-15

Summer, Richard and Kevin discuss and analyze the developments and story arc of the episodes 11-15.

This chapter of the story begins to pick up steam as we see Charlie take a more proactive role in unraveling the mystery behind the connection between the verses and Vexcor’s technologies.

Episodes covered in this show:

Thicker Than Water: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Choosing Sides: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Through A Mirror Darkly: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
The Enemy of My Enemy: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Things Unseen: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap