About the Podcast

This is the home of the companion creator commentary for the scifi series, Charlie Jade.

Originally created and aired in Canada and outside of the US in 2005-2006, Charlie Jade is a fascinating adventure across parallel worlds. Private Investigator Charlie Jade stumbles across something that simply cannot exist in the world he lives in, and his pursuit of the truth leads him to uncover a plot that ultimately threatens the existence of all three worlds.

It’s complex story that you have to pay close attention to. There are clues all over the place, and the payoff is well worth the intricate and careful build up.

In Summer 2008, SciFi Channel aired Charlie Jade, starting on Friday nights at 8pm Eastern, then shifting to Tuesdays at 3am. This is the companion podcast to those episodes. Each episode is a running commentary by series creator Robert Wertheimer, head writer Alex Epstein or writer Denis McGrath, so sit back, watch the episode, then watch it again with the commentary.

You’ll be amazed at things you’ll discover along the way.

In 2009, three Charlie Jade fans, Richard Porter, Kevin Bachelder and Summer Brooks, put their minds together and created an extended overview of the 20-episode arc, discussing both the high points and the stumbling blocks of the show… pointing out the intrigue and attraction of the series, and speculating on the possibilities had the show moved forward into a second season, and what possibilites exist for continuing the story in other formats.

We hope this podcast helps you enjoy the show as much as we do.