“Charlie Jade” Airing Again On Syfy Channel

Syfy Channel is once again airing Charlie Jade!

You may have to set your DVRs, unless you’re working nights… it comes on Fridays at 5am Eastern, 2am Pacific.

The first episode, “The Big Bang”, airs Friday, March 18, 5am E/2am P.

“Sand” is scheduled to air on Friday, March 25, and “You Are here” is scheduled for Friday, April 1, so it looks like they’ll be airing the entire series in order.

The sad news is that Syfy Channel appears to have done away with their Charlie Jade show page, even though they still have show pages for a couple other programs they only air now and then, like Moonlight


2 Responses to ““Charlie Jade” Airing Again On Syfy Channel”

  1. Farmy says:

    I found this on Hulu, just watched the last episode. Great show Syfy should put this on pri-time hours, would do better then Sant..whatever…


    Hi Summer:

    Love the show and the love that you put into the website. I wish there was away to continue the story. I know it has been 10 years and, that it was a very ambitious project.. but perhaps graphic novels or 1 film that could wrap things up- then have follow up stories like VERONICA MARS. Not happening, huh? Well, I totally love CHARLIE JADE and will always feel that it never got the attention it deserved.

    Also, loved your podcasts.


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