Charlie Jade: Modern Classic

SciFiNow Magazine Issue 46 features Charlie Jade as Show #16 on their “Modern Classics” list:

Being one of those odd shows that has surfaced, submerged and risen again in popularity since its original airing, Charlie Jade has won itself a dedicated audience among science fiction fans. With the show well and truly over, SciFiNow digs into its production and explains why it’s a true modern classic

The main reasons James gives for why Charlie Jade is a modern scifi classic are:
1. Complexity
2. 01 Boxer
3. Cape Town
4. Style
5. Enduring Appeal

I don’t think any CJ fan can argue with those!

The current issue is on newsstands now in the UK, and should appear on shelves in Barnes & Noble’s and Borders Bookstores near you within a couple of weeks.


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