Original Charlie Jade Website Back Online

Remember the original Official Charlie Jade website?

The content has moved around a couple of times since the show originally aired, but it’s found a new home again, right here, where it will be cared for and well looked after!

Everything is there: the official character guides, the episode guide that was being updated as each episode aired, the original video trailers (the same one that’s available here), and some of the background information on the story of Charlie Jade.

You can find the new old site here:


One Response to “Original Charlie Jade Website Back Online”

  1. stacey solano says:

    an excellent, entertaining series. the ending left room for speculation and mystery, yet was complete enough to satisfy as a finale. it was refreshing to watch, and i appreciated not being told what everything was supposed to mean and what to to feel about the issues involved. thank you, and i hope there are more projects like this to come!

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