Charlie Jade Podcast #06: A Conversation with Robert Wertheimer

Yes, this is the final episode of the Charlie Jade Podcast.

Summer, Richard and Kevin have an entertaining, enlightening, and interestingly long chat with Charlie Jade creator Robert Wertheimer about the creation and development of the show over the course of several years, the pros and cons of international co-productions, and creating a TV show off the cuff, and on the fly.

We also talk about the Men in the Grey Suits, their overall plan for the universes that was sidetracked by the efforts of Charlie and 01 Boxer, and how that led into some interesting plans for a Season 2 that would turn everything we saw and learned in Season 1 on its ear.

After that, the conversation runs from production challenges, to the needs and expectations of scifi shows, to unlikely but not impossible returns to the universe of Charlie Jade, and much more.

Also, people interested in a Region 1 DVD release of Charlie Jade should contact Jacques Pettigrew at Cinegroupe in Montreal, either via email, fax or phone. Feel free to tell him that Robert asked you to call!

If the Cinegroupe.com website behaves oddly, try this Cinegroupe.ca link instead. And while you’re sending Jacques a note about the Region 1 DVD, don’t forget to ask him to please include the episodic commentaries that are already done and ready to go!

Also, send FM Le Sieur some love and appreciation for the music that has created such a unique and evocative atmosphere in Charlie Jade.

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10 Responses to “Charlie Jade Podcast #06: A Conversation with Robert Wertheimer”

  1. elfie says:

    Well worth the wait and superb job! Some very unexpected revelations and insights into the Charlie Jade ‘verses. Many thanks.

  2. Aaron Davies says:

    Thanks for all the hard work, and to Robert Wertheimer for the great interview.

  3. Doug says:

    For some reason, I have never been able to get the “download” option to work for the podcasts. When I click on it, it simply open a new tab in Firefox with a playback screen and begins the audio playback.

    Any suggestions?

    I’d really like to download these podcasts as a file to my mp3 player and listen to them during my jog. Is this possible?



  4. Dontlk says:

    —-> Doug
    RMB -> Save target as…

  5. mr.bryce says:

    i wish we had HD versions of those beautiful picture shots and scenery from charlie jade, considering we ll never get it on blu ray.

    • I am on a quest to find more stills, maybe create a photo gallery here, but my feeling is that unless I find out who the actual photographer on set was and find out if they kept the shots they took, we may be out of luck.

  6. John says:

    Listening to this podcast made me sad.

    Ok, there were a few interesting points that we got some insight in to… but having seen the show a couple of times and accepted that somethings worked and somethings didn’t… I now know why some of it didn’t work, there was no real underlying stucture to the storyline… as Robert said, sooooo many times.. he was making it up as he went along, …not only does this show that there was no overriding understanding to the story on the writer’s side but that because this was the case, there couldn’t have been very much honest caring about the show on their end.. because how can you care about something that you are just pulling out of thin air, with no proper time to think about what you are writing/making.

    The main thing I came away with from the ‘cast was that for most of the time, he was throwing crap together… it takes the shine away from my outlook over the show.

  7. David says:

    I agree you can’t care about something pulling it out of thin air! loved the concept and the overall but it was like someone was trying to pull 20 episodes out of what should have been only 13 or so. Stretching a 30 show into 2 hours. To much filler that should have been montaged out instead of the elaborate shots and editing. Also there should not have been so many of the haze and daze shots like Reena blurring around when she was with the paramedic and it went no where Charlie had several of the same type episodes where it was to much played into it and should have been cut or shorter or at least had some kind of meaning instead of just “Oh I’m dazed and confused and disoriented and upset and stumbling and don’t know where this is going and blah blah see how it is when you drag meaningless crap around. The episode where Jasmine on Alfa and they were threatening her living there since charlie was dead and then coming to take her stuff and then the old Pimp guy that was drug to far then the little ball that came from the lawyers why was that scene so much to it why did it have to be elaborate there was nothing to it “Hey Jasmine if you are seeing this I’m most likely dead you gotta pick yourself up and make yourself a better class person you can do it see ya around.” “Click” WTF no nothing. If it meant that little why 2 mins worth of show why not a quick Narrative letter by Charlie saying that and onto something new and more meaning. We knew Charlie was upset from the get go and seen it in how he acted why did we need to see it in a 10-30 zoom in zoom out rotate the camera to make people dizzy shots there were scenes like that several times in the 1st 3 episodes. All stretching filler. Thats why I got board watching it. Don’t get me wrong I am loving the show but if it were not for the fact that I am watching it online and can get to some kind of point real fast getting to the next episode I wouldn’t be watching it because it is lacking in action its all about the psycho drama which is drug out just like this post even though its a year and 2 months since the last post the shows over and no one will probably see this but just like me if someone else watches it and sees mine in a year they can talk to themselves as well.

  8. TCS says:

    Any idea if it’s still possible to get Region 1 of the DVD?

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