Charlie Jade Commentary SE05: Season 2 Blueprint


Presenting the blueprint for the proposed Season 2 of Charlie Jade:

An Insider’s Guide To Alternative Realities
Season Two
Episodes 21 – 34

This is the Season 2 overview document that Robert mentions in the last podcast interview.


4 Responses to “Charlie Jade Commentary SE05: Season 2 Blueprint”

  1. Denis says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. Very interesting read.

    I know you guys said that the podcast was completed. But any chance of one more podcast to discuss this document?

    That would be interesting.

    • Highly unlikely, as much fun as it might be to do nothing but speculate wildly on a season that was never shot or produced. I think that might be better suited for an essay, somewhere.

      We touched a little on the acting aspect of Jeffrey Pierce and Michael Filipowich switching roles in the interview special, but not on the unfolding of the second season story.

  2. TvAddict52 says:

    Great show, little hard to wrap your head around but great concept. I live in Australia and had never heard of Charlie Jade but when surfing the net some guy put in his top 10 sci fi’s, so I downloaded and watched the whole season & I asked my local DVD store to get it in for me. I really hope there gets to be another season. If it finally gets played over here I gaurantee I’ll watch it to help the ratings, why don’t they count P2P dowloads of TV shows in ther ratings, hell I wouldn’t care if an add popped up during the show every now and then just so they could pay to upload 1080p Sci Fi shows, advertising should pay for everything ie, instead of ring ring when you call someone lets hear the local pizza specials and get the call for free – its only a matter of time before Google does it


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