Charlie Jade Podcast #05: Discussing the Final Five Episodes

Summer, Richard and Kevin discuss and analyze the developments and the concluding story arc of the series, episodes 16-20.

This closing chapter of the story opens with Charlie learning to shift between verses, leading him to discover the true meaning of his visions and his ability, and to learn how his destiny is tied to the fate of the three worlds, and perhaps more.

Episodes covered in this show:

The Shortening of the Way: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Spin: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Bedtime Story: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Flesh: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Ouroboros: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap

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3 Responses to “Charlie Jade Podcast #05: Discussing the Final Five Episodes”

  1. Sara H says:

    Has anyone thought that Brion WAS a grey suit? That he was possibly a renegade working for an agenda of his own? Charlie and 01 seem to be physically in the grey suit verse. Did the the grey suits plan the brothers to take down the father but instead they complete Brion’s agenda in a way that also saves BETA?

  2. Darell says:

    I really enjoyed this series and plan to acquire the Region 1 DVD if I can. One fun item to take note of in episode 18 is the trivia that Alphaverse apparently uses digital time. I won’t say how this is evident but will instead leave this Easter Egg as something to discover.

  3. FR says:

    Here it is the end of 2011 and my heart still searches for news of Charlie Jade. Do the writers not realize that they can make money selling the books? A series of books instead of a series on TV would satisfy me just fine.
    My wish for 2012 is that the writers would get their imagination caps back on and got on a writing frenzy about Charlie Jade.

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