Charlie Jade US DVD on Amazon Signup

Back in April, Charlie Jade fans noticed that had a sign up page for people who wanted to be notified when a DVD set of Charlie Jade would be announced for Region 1 viewers.

What are you waiting for? Head on over and sign up!


3 Responses to “Charlie Jade US DVD on Amazon Signup”

  1. Norman Wulkan says:

    When will charlie jade be made in united states Formated for US DVD or even new 3 D Quality. Date can purchased.

    • Charlie Jade wasn’t filmed in 3D so there’s no way it would ever be released advertised as 3D.

      We also never heard any updates about the Canadian release that Robert mentioned in his last conversation with us, so there’s no telling when or even if there will ever be a North American/Region 1 DVD of the show.

  2. ValEl says:

    A US DVD release doesn’t appear likely. But why not iTunes or Netflix? Please don’t let Charlie die out.

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