Charlie Jade Podcast #03: Discussing Episodes 6-10

Summer, Richard and Kevin discuss and analyze the developments and story arc of the episodes 6-10.

This was the area where Charlie Jade, both the man and the series, nearly lost their way. While some key information was learned about the connection between the Verses, we can still see where the story wanted to go, despite the distractions that pulled focus away from the main story for a time.

Episodes covered in this show:

Dirty Laundry: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Diamonds: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Devotion: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Betrayal: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap
Identity: Episode Commentary | Episode Recap


2 Responses to “Charlie Jade Podcast #03: Discussing Episodes 6-10”

  1. Ron says:

    Great site. Realy enjoyed the show. We always get ripped off and they cancel another great show once again!

    Ron OUT.


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