Charlie Jade Podcast #01: Intro to Charlie Jade

Summer Brooks, Richard Porter and Kevin Bachelder are each known in different circles for their love of good stories and of smart scifi television. Independent of each other, they discovered the series Charlie Jade, and became enamored of the story being told.

Because of Charlie Jade, they’ve come together to share their appreciation of the show, and hopefully entice a few more people to become fans.

Enjoy this introduction to Charlie Jade and the world the series is set in, and feel free to submit questions you might have using the contact form, and we’ll try to address them on an upcoming episode of this limited edition Charlie Jade discussion.

Summer Brooks is co-host and producer of Slice of SciFi, a science fiction entertainment media radio show and podcast covering the latest news and developments in scifi television, film and new media. She initially became acquainted with Charlie Jade creator Robert Wertheimer after several interviews with him that were featured on the show. That led to working with him to provide audio commentary for the episodes as a standalone FarPoint Media podcast, and working with him to provide even more Charlie Jade material for the fans to enjoy.

Richard Porter is writer working as a software engineer, and working hard to make the jump to television writer, with the goal of landing a staff writer slot on a fun show. His Charlie Jade Recaps were a big hit over on PopCritics.com, and is currently writing recaps at Dream Loom.

Kevin Bachelder is known for his contributions to the Firefly/Serenity podcast The Signal and to the New England Browncoats; work on The ScapeCast, a FarScape podcast; and on the Blood Ties podcast Bite Back, in addition to his voiceover work.


2 Responses to “Charlie Jade Podcast #01: Intro to Charlie Jade”

  1. Dontlk says:

    Will there be more podcasts?

  2. Yes, we will be putting out a few more podcasts; commentary on the episodes.

    Hopefully we’ll have the next one out pretty soon!

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