Episode 15 Commentary Delayed

Due to unforseen circumstances, the commentary for Episode 15 has been delayed.

When we have a commentary to post, we’ll get it into the feed ASAP.

Thanks for your support and understanding during this project!


3 Responses to “Episode 15 Commentary Delayed”

  1. Hmmm … I wonder … I’ve never seen any other “feed” of CJ, only the version show on the SciFi Channel.

    I can’t help but notice that the version we see here is edited. Words are bleeped, and nudity is blurred.

    Not that all this is *necessary* at 3am .. but maybe it was done with the expectation that it would be shown in prime time.

    Anyway .. the intro to this (#15) episode we see a recap of the begining of episode #12 .. THE EPISODE THAT THE SCIFI CHANNEL did not show the intro (see my comment, and Summer’s reply, on that episode) It was pretty violent.

    Maybe, just maybe, the SciFi Channel intentionally did not show us this part of #12 because of the violence .. maybe they thought it was beyond editing so they just didn’t show us the intro .. but started with the commercials after the titles.

    Summer said that her DVR started “late” .. so this was *not* an emergeency that just happened that night .. it was something that was planned (not showing that part of the show) .. and the SciFi Channel let the DVR folks know the ‘real’ start of the (edited) show.

    I record the show on (old fashoned) VHS and program extra time before and after, so I know the intro was not shown at all (unlike Summer, who wasn’t sure)

    Oh well .. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the USA DVD.

    Richard in Boston

  2. Did you record extra commercials in that 5 minute gap?

    SciFi Channel had to have specifically changed the schedule, because in my DVR to-do list, that episode was listed as starting as 12:05am instead of 12:00am, like all the other episodes did.

    I thought it was an adjustment of some sort, because I didn’t notice the shift of the start time until after the recording had begun… but if it was intentional to avoid the airing of that 5 minutes altogether, that certainly is an odd choice for what’s a “late night” airing now.

    I hope the US DVD release makes up for it… and I hope that SciFi Channel’s burying of its airing doesn’t kill the chances of us getting a US DVD release at all.

  3. No, no extra commercials .. what I recorded was X-Files. I remember thinking “Gee I wonder why I have so much X-Files? I hope the tape ran long enough to catch the end of CJ.”

    So, somehow, the SciFi Channel ran X-Files longer than ‘normal’ to take up the time normally used by the CJ intro.

    At the end of X-Files the norm is to go straight into the CJ opening, but instead we went to the commercials that would normally follow the CJ opening.

    At the time I didn’t think anything about it .. but only after I started to edit out the commercials did I realize something was wrong.

    Richard in Boston

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