Charlie Jade Episode 112 Commentary: Choosing Sides

Featuring commentary by writer Alex Epstein on Episode 112, “Choosing Sides”.

Originally aired Space on 06/25/2005 in Canada, aired on SciFi Channel on 08/26/2008 in the USA.

For reasons as yet unknown, the opening 5 minutes was excised from the 08/26/2008 SciFi Channel airing.


3 Responses to “Charlie Jade Episode 112 Commentary: Choosing Sides”

  1. ARRRRGH!!! That &%@&##@@#!# Sci-Fi Channel!

    I record the show on a VCR (yes, the old fashoned way) and I have a few minutes “extra” on both ends of the recording.

    It seemed, when I watched the show, that the X Files seemed to run a bit longer. I was worried that I may not have recorded all the way to the end of Charlie Jade. But I *did* get the end on tape.

    THEN, I started editing out the commercials .. and I realized WHY I got to the end … the Sci Fi Channel did NOT show the first segment of CJ!! The opening and the title segments were CUT!! We started with the commercials after the title .. we usually start with the opening right after X Files.

    It’s bad enough that they screw with us by putting CJ on a 3am .. then they have to cut it too??

    Richard in Boston

  2. I thought they ran late with something, and I missed it! My DVR started the recording at 12:05am instead of 12am, and I didn’t know why.

    They didn’t even air the first segment? How craptastic…

  3. Todd says:

    IMO this was the best of the CJ podcasts so far. Alex Epstein did a GREAT job in hi behind the scenes comments. Hope there will be more CJ podcasts featuring Alex.

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