Charlie Jade Episode 111 Commentary: Thicker Than Water

Featuring commentary by writer Sean Carley on Episode 111, “Thicker Than Water”.

Originally aired Space on 06/18/2005 in Canada, aired on SciFi Channel on 08/19/2008 in the USA.


2 Responses to “Charlie Jade Episode 111 Commentary: Thicker Than Water”

  1. Carl says:

    Very disappointed in the commentary, or lack there of, on Episode 111. If you are not going to talk, at least give us a clue where you are in the episode so we can sync.

  2. archie says:

    While us CJ fans are hungry for anything show related, and we really loved Robert’s podcasts, Sean Carley probably shouldn’t do any more of them. He offered no “behind the scenes” enlightenment and had vast stretches of dead air where, as Carl mentioned in the previous comment, you could get out of sync with the broadcast. Poor job, Sean.

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