Charlie Jade Episode 103 Commentary: You Are Here

Featuring commentary by Robert Wertheimer on Episode 103, “You Are Here”.

Originally aired Space on 4/23/2005 in Canada, aired on SciFi Channel on 06/24/2008 in the USA.


3 Responses to “Charlie Jade Episode 103 Commentary: You Are Here”

  1. Dontlk says:

    Great podcast, just a truly amazing experience.
    I really appreciate everything you’re doing for us fans and this show.

    Cheers ;D

  2. Trish Lewis says:

    Maybe Scifi Channel feels that when they broadcast Jade doesn’t matter because people can record it, which is true, time is relative nowadays, but still I think it shows lack of respect for one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen. It deserves better treatment. It’s rich in character development, it’s cinematic, it makes you think, it challenges preconceptions…I LOVE CHARLIE JADE!!

  3. Michael Mennenga says:

    As the series moves forward, you will want to keep the early eps. Once we hit ep #5, everyone will want to go back and rewatch. So with that in mind, Yes, you are right Trish. Maybe having this show available for recording to watch time-shifted is a good option for CJ.

    Time will tell if Skiffy gets this show or not. (I’m thinking not.) It ain’t rasslin’… 😉

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