Charlie Jade Episode 102 Commentary: Sand

Featuring commentary by Robert Wertheimer on Episode 102, “Sand”.

Overview: Caught in an hallucinogenic state after an explosion propels him into a parallel universe, Charlie Jade dreams he’s back home in Cape City with his girlfriend, Jasmine. He’s quickly snapped out of his erotic reverie by Jody, a young evacuee of the desert calamity and suddenly finds himself in a world that seems oddly off kilter.

At a makeshift refugee camp, Charlie meets Karl Lubinsky, an investigative journalist who doesn’t buy into Vexcor’s slick spin doctoring of the circumstances surrounding the explosution. Lubinsky vows to uncover the truth about the catastrophe – and about Vexcor’s elusive business – and drags a reluctant Charlie along for the ride.

Originally aired Space on 4/16/2005 in Canada, aired on SciFi Channel on 06/13/2008 in the USA.
Episodic summary courtesy Park Entertainment liner notes.


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