Charlie Jade Commentary SE01: Slice of SciFi Interview with Robert Wertheimer

Slice of SciFi, a scifi media and entertainment news show that you can listen to on XM Satellite Radio and online, has been a big supporter of Charlie Jade ever since the show was brought to our attention back in 2006.

In February 2007, Slice of SciFi aired an interview with series creator Robert Wertheimer, to get some more info on this ground breaking, high concept series that so many people outside of the US were excited about, but no one in the US could watch.

Check out the interview, from Slice of SciFi #95, and hear more about the series and how it came to be, and don’t miss a more recent interview with Robert in Slice of SciFi #163


3 Responses to “Charlie Jade Commentary SE01: Slice of SciFi Interview with Robert Wertheimer”

  1. Sean says:

    The thing that stuck out to me was the internet distribution deal. Is this any indication on whether or not the show could have a season 2? All they would need to do is find funding. Continue airing it in Canada and South Africa? and on the internet for the U.S.

  2. This is a great idea to have Robert doing podcast commentaries!

    Thanks for setting this up.

  3. Scott from Kalamazoo says:

    Hopefully we’ll get a DVD set in the US now and perhaps these commentaries can be included. Let’s hope SciFi leaves CJ on the air, even at 3am.

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