Yes, this is the final episode of the Charlie Jade Podcast.

Summer, Richard and Kevin have an entertaining, enlightening, and interestingly long chat with Charlie Jade creator Robert Wertheimer about the creation and development of the show over the course of several years, the pros and cons of international co-productions, and creating a TV show off the cuff, and on the fly.

We also talk about the Men in the Grey Suits, their overall plan for the universes that was sidetracked by the efforts of Charlie and 01 Boxer, and how that led into some interesting plans for a Season 2 that would turn everything we saw and learned in Season 1 on its ear.

After that, the conversation runs from production challenges, to the needs and expectations of scifi shows, to unlikely but not impossible returns to the universe of Charlie Jade, and much more.

Also, people interested in a Region 1 DVD release of Charlie Jade should contact Jacques Pettigrew at Cinegroupe in Montreal, either via email, fax or phone. Feel free to tell him that Robert asked you to call!

If the Cinegroupe.com website behaves oddly, try this Cinegroupe.ca link instead. And while you’re sending Jacques a note about the Region 1 DVD, don’t forget to ask him to please include the episodic commentaries that are already done and ready to go!

Also, send FM Le Sieur some love and appreciation for the music that has created such a unique and evocative atmosphere in Charlie Jade.

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“Charlie Jade” now on Netflix Streaming

Posted on 10.21.11

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Charlie Jade is currently available for viewing on Netflix (streaming only)!

According to instantwatcher.com, the series is listed as “available” from Oct 17, 2011 until Oct 15, 2013


“Charlie Jade” now on Hulu

Posted on 09.05.11


Good news for folks living in the US who have heard us talk about Charlie Jade over the years, but never got a chance to see the entire series because it was pulled from the Scifi/Syfy schedule after just a few episodes.

Charlie Jade is now available on Hulu!


“Charlie Jade” Airing Again On Syfy Channel

Posted on 03.17.11


Syfy Channel is once again airing Charlie Jade!

You may have to set your DVRs, unless you’re working nights… it comes on Fridays at 5am Eastern, 2am Pacific.


FM Le Sieur Scores Syfy’s “Being Human”

Posted on 01.31.11

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FM Le Sieur, the man behind the wonderfully atmospheric music of Charlie Jade, is composing music on new scifi series.

Syfy Channel’s adaptation of Being Human airs on Mondays, and you can hear FM’s work once more.


Charlie Jade Recap: “Ouroboros”

Posted on 10.21.08


And so the story of Charlie Jade, a story one half-hour in the future, comes to a close. A bittersweet ending for sure – there was a lot of story left to tell – but a satisfying end to twenty hours of mystery and intrigue.


Charlie Jade Recap: “Flesh”

Posted on 10.16.08

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It’s all over, right? Charlie’s come back to Jasmine – and just as quickly realized he belongs in Beta – 01’s out of jail, and Essa’s in shackles. Everything is right with the verses. So why, I must ask, is that countdown clock still running? The Vexcor link countdown clock that 01 now controls.


Charlie Jade Recap: “Bedtime Story”

Posted on 10.09.08

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Back in his own bed and his own universe, lying beside Jasmine, Charlie finds himself unable to sleep. He’s anxious and confused and guilty, wondering what to do to save Beta. The water doesn’t even taste right to him, but spirits do the trick.


Charlie Jade Recap: “Spin”

Posted on 10.02.08

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Sure, 01 is a crazy bastard and has killed more than his share of people, but if we’ve learned one thing over the last two months it is this: 01 kills to save the multiverse. He kills to save billions. He kills to protect a way of life and peace and harmony with nature.